Since I learned of libertarianism, I’ve been hearing talk of the USSA collapsing very soon. Its been a few years now, some were more conservative some were not, but either way, does it not feel like its stretching out a bit too long?

Yes, it is a slow collapse, things get slowly more and more difficult for the common man, healthcare gets even worse, police brutality increases, riots and protests begin rising up in major cities. No 1 million dollar bill yet though.

And though I do see conflicts between the police and the lower middle classes rising, I am sceptical of the notion that the economy has to collapse, simply because math.

On the surface that makes sense, and historically it makes sense, but here is the problem. Unlike any other time in history, technological advancement is sky-rocketing. Yes, the word might have filled your mind already, the singularity is coming.

This is the recognition of a pattern in technological advancement as one that happens at an exponential rate. In other words, every new leap forward in human ingenuity happens closer to the last one, until one day, TADA, the hokey stick goes up.

Experts agree that we are close, perhaps 30 or 40 years away from this and there’s a good case for it.

Why does this matter? Simple, because technology saves us time, it gets us what we want faster and better. And if we have more time, we can work more, produce more, and there for governments can steal more from us. Wealth is a measure of how soon we can get what we want.

And they don’t need to steal at gun point either, they can keep printing papers, counterfeiting money, protected by legal double standards and waging wars. In the meanwhile soaking up value directly from the innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and every man and woman whom make a living out of solving problems for another.

The empire might be on the verge of collapse, but as long as the fed has the power to counterfeit, it has a chance to be kept alive by the accelerating power of technology.