Much happened since I made my original post in For example, the original name “The Anarcho Capitalist’s Life in Acapulco” has been changed, it was too much of a mouth full.

After a 20 minute brainstorming session with the community at a local restaurant down here in Acapulco, we decided that Seeking Freedom: The Acapulco Files was much better title and so it was.

On top of that, the community has grown significantly, as has our view of how this documentary will be released. Instead of a series of 5 Episodes, we will be releasing shorter mini documentaries on the key elements of life and the expatriation process to Acapulco.

Once the core topics in the original post are covered, we will evaluate the support we get from you, the extended voluntarist and liberty community and go on from there.

For now, enjoy this trailer to get a taste of life in Acapulco.

Special thanks to Jamie for being a good sport and actor, Alais Clay for her electrifying music, Kenny Palurintano for connecting me to the Anarchist music scene, Peter Gorman for editorial support, and everyone else who has helped make this happen. More will definitively be incoming.

Best regards

Juan S. Galt


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