A community of Anarcho Capitalists / Voluntarists is growing in Acapulco Mexico.


If you are reading this, you’ve probably heard of Anarchapulco, the Anarcho Capitalist conference that claims to be unique in the world as appealing to and bringing together these free market loving breed of talking monkeys.

Acapulco, one of the largest ports in Mexico, facing the pacific ocean, is believed to be one of the most important cities in the country, bringing in vehicles, goods and all kinds of funky exports to the rest of the country. It also happens to be 4 hours away from Mexico City, the largest city in the world, and shares one of the most impressive highways in connection.

All of this, after a decade of hitting rock bottom in regards to safety and popularity.

Well, Acapulco is arguably ending its bearish run, as evidenced by events like the infamous Donald Trump, purchasing a huge hotel in the coastal city.

More exciting than that, since Anarchopulco 2015, Anarcho Capitalists from around the world have been choosing it as their landing pad, as they escape growing fascism and surveillance in alleged “First world countries”. But is Acapulco any better?

The Community

I’m Juan S. Galt, a Bitcoin researcher and content creator, and I’ve been part of this growing community of Ancaps, that have fled their countries of origin or residence, to give Acapulco a try as their home base. Or make it one of their home bases, anyways.

Every week I meet up with roughly 10 individuals, their kids and their dogs. We break bread and talk about all kinds of things, from libertarian and world politics, Bitcoin, technology, business opportunities, and day to day life in Acapulco, to name a few.

The development of this community since the beginning of 2015 has been a very interesting experience and I’ve had the opportunity to go along for the ride since November of 2014.

Of course, if you’ve heard about Anarchapulco before, you’ve most likely heard of it through the Angel Clark show, or Jeff Berwick’s Anarchast. And these have been very effective sources of information regarding life in Acapulco. Without them, many of us would not be here.

Take this interview for example, with my friend Nathan T. Freeman, who is now part of the staff at Anarchapulco as Official Cat Herder for the conference.

Clark and Berwick are the only ones who have been telling the tale of the Ancap’s life in Acapulco in a public fashion, and while I appreciate the work they’ve done, I think there is a lot more to tell.

Because of this, I’ve decided to take on the creation of a documentary or rather series of short documentaries, discussing and revealing the full scope of life here, from the mouth of the growing community. These will be published on my youtube channel at Disruptek.info.

[The Ancap’s life in Acapulco Documentary is not funded by Anarchapulco or other wise in any direct business with the conference. This is an independent project. It is simply that the conference is a big part of our community here, how most of us met and why most of us originally came here. And some of our members overlap]

Ancaps in Acapulco, the Documentary

My intention and plan (which I’ve already begun) is to interview active members of the community as I know it, as well as any willing Ancap that is living here, and ask them a variety of questions, seeking to answer the question: “What is the Anarcho Capitalist life in Acapulco really like?

Among the general questions I want to ask interviewees, are:


  • What does Anarchy or Anarcho Capitalism mean to you?
  • Why did you want to leave your previous country of residence?
  • Why did you choose to come to Acapulco?
  • How do you manage to fund life outside of your home country?
  • What is the process of renting or buying property like in Acapulco, for an expat?
  • What is the good the bad and the ugly about the Ancap life in Acapulco?
  • What do you think or feel about personal security in Acapulco?
  • How long do you currently intend to stay in Acapulco?
  • What is it like living in Acapulco and not speaking the native language (Spanish)?
  • Are there other places that you would consider moving to, or would like to explore, if the community came along?

I also want to help broadcast some of the unique from friends I’ve made here, and singular challenges that they each have had to face, in the process of expatriating and moving -often- across the world, to be part of our Ancap community.

The main goals of this project are:

  • To introduce the world to an Anarcho Capitalist community. And remind the world of the incredible value that lays hidden in having a group of people around you that you can really connect with, help, collaborate with and rely on.
  • Explore and broadcast the good the bad and the ugly about the Ancap life in Acapulco, in as unbiased and neutral a way as possible.

For a variety of reasons, I believe this year is crucial to developing the public and international identity of the Acapulco Ancap community. I get asked regularly (more so recently) about life in Acapulco. I think this documentary is the best way to address and – I hope – answer, everyone’s questions.

How you can help

To do this, I need your help. While I am an experienced interviewer, as you can see at my CoinTelegraph archive, I am not quite as experienced with editing video, or audio.

I’m lucky to be friends with Peter Gorman, Graphic Artist and Editor of shows like TheAnarchast, and he is an Advisor and one of the Editors of the project.

I would benefit from the wisdom of a more experienced documentary producer, if anyone is interested in also being an Advisor.

I will also need to purchase some cables and other special, though relatively inexpensive equipment.  

Finally, I need to dedicate some serious amount of time to planning, shooting, producing, editing and finally publishing the documentary. This will cost time that I could spend doing other things which would otherwise help pay for shelter and coconuts.

Thus, I want to ask you for your help in crowdfunding this project. I believe this would be the simplest way keep the documentary neutral and unbiased, and would allow me to put a large portion of my energies towards it, in a way that is otherwise not possible.

I believe I can deliver 5 episodes lasting 15 – 30 minutes, covering the 5 most important questions that you, want answered. To determine this, we will be monitoring social media, so leave your comments below about what specifically you want to learn about the Ancap’s Life in Acapulco, or anything that is related.

To fund the main 5 episodes, we are looking to raise 4 Bitcoin. Half of the funds will go to Editing, and the rest will pay for Producing, Directing, Filming, Publishing and doing anything else needed to show you what it takes and what it is like being part of this self chosen, morally aware, entrepreneurial, and liberty grounded community.

Any funds above 4 Bitcoin will go towards producing more Episodes and answering more of your questions, as well as improving the quality of the content through better equipment.

Update: Given that Coinkite will be closing down, we’ve decided to move the funds to Nathan’s wallet who will serve as escrow for the remaining funds.

The Official Crowdfunding Address is 16RUbxKCZowGPF8ivQYHMFpWZTZZj79PZE.

Update: We are not accepting DASH and NXT as well. Funds will be converted and deposited on the Bitcoin escrow account automatically and without us even holding the coins at a given time thanks to Shapeshift.io. I love NXT and DASH, but don’t want to over complicate the escrow.


– (Full public Key: 1a872e6d359b82cd8591adc57ef56e73e9b99a10ac50bffcac79c5f72f4cff7f )


All Episodes and related content will be published on the Disruptek.info Youtube Channel, so Subscribe to get updates and see the variety of content we will be publishing, not just about this Documentary, but all kinds of Disruptive ideas and technologies that are fundamentally changing history.

Let us know what you want to know about the Anarcho Capitalist Life in Acapulco, in the comments below, or send us an email at AncapsAcapulcoDoc@gmail.com. Responses and questions we get during the next 5 days will be tallied and added to the documentary as we interview members of the community.

Also please tweet, and share this article with anyone you think is interested in liberty minded, chosen communities, or anyone interested in checking out Acapulco or the Anarchapulco conference.


What you will get in return

Production of the first Episode will begin once we have raised one Bitcoin. Each Episode will be 15 to 30 minutes long.

If all 4 Bitcoin are raised, you will get 5 Episodes, One per every $200 USD raised in Bitcoin.

You will have most if not all your most important questions answered during the documentary by a group of over 10 people who have lived through the experience.

Advisers will be showcased on the credits of every episode they participate in, with links to their social media and main project they are involved with.

Donors that contribute more the $50 USD worth of Bitcoin will also be on the credits and get to promote their name and main project, with largest donors at the top of the list.

The easiest way to prove you are a donor is to email me the exact amount you plan on sending, minutes before you send it. Or to send me a message signed with the public key you used to send us Bitcoin.

You can contact us AncapsAcapulcoDoc@gmail.com. Or for Tutanota end to end encryption, contact me at juans.galt@tuta.io 

Crowdfunding Details

Nathan T. Freeman, who’s interview with Jeff Berwick you can see above, will be taking the role of escrow for funds raised.

He and I, Juan S. Galt, hold full control over the Bitcoin address shared above, in a 2 of 2 multisignature scheme. That withdrawals can only be made if both of us sign a given transaction. 

Whenever new expenses rise, I will message Nathan and he will make a transaction to my account. Details of each transaction’s purpose will be sent to Nathan each time, which if people are interested, he can make public.

Because without his signature I can not make withdrawals, this will put Nathan in the role of  auditor and administrator of the project’s finances.

Roughly $200 Dollars will be allocated to the production of each Episode. Half of this will go exclusively to Editing costs and the rest will be allocated to Production, Directing, Publishing and equipment costs.

Production of the Documentary will begin once the first $200 worth of Bitcoin have been raised. Given that we are starting at about 0.4 Btc – Thanks Nathan 😉 – then we are very likely to pass that mark very soon.

Funds that come in will be continuously used to create new episodes of the Documentary Series. Any funds above 4 Bitcoin will be used to produce more Episodes and continue to answer people’s questions, as well as improve the production quality of the content.

If after one month, less the one Bitcoin is raised, then the money will be returned to the sending addresses, and the project will be canceled.

The Documentary will be produced with the techniques and teachings of Journalist and Activist Luke Rudkowski and his media organization We Are Change. They teach journalists how to be independant and keep their costs at a minimum. I learnt a lot from him during his special course during last Anarchopulco.

Social Media

The Anarcho Capitalist life in Acapulco, Documentary

Nathan T. Freeman

Juan S. Galt